About Christine

I became a mother at the age of eighteen. I was unprepared, completely unfamiliar with children of any age, and had only my memories as a child growing up alone in a world of adults as guideposts.

When my daughter Danielle was one year old I attended a class that changed my life and my parenting style. I fell in love with the subject – children were fascinating! They grew from these tiny little blobs that screamed and pooped and ate and became walkers and talkers and thinkers. They explored and grew into children and adolescents and finally adults. I was fascinated by the process, and excited to be involved as I interacted with and watched my daughter grow into an adult.

Along the way I had read countless books, articles, and even taught the same class and others on the subject of parenting.

Just when I thought I was done, my second child Emily was born, one month and two days after her big sister turned eighteen !

Once again I was reminded of how exciting and fascinating children and their development can be. I re-did the classes I had taught in the 1990’s and added more information and research and created the PEP series for all of the frazzled parents out there who keep saying, “There has to be a better way!”

Well folks, there is. Each and every one of you can be a Positive and Effective Parent (PEP) and I’m happy to show you how.


Because it means less tears, frustration and stress from both sides.

Because it means you will have children who are happy, productive, well-centered individuals.

Because it means a better relationship between all of you, one built on love and respect and understanding.

When we raise our children, we are also raising our grandchildren.” – Stephen Covey


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